Monday, September 17, 2007

President's Day

My clearest memories of Ronnie were the day before my birthday. He made a regular habit of visiting me on March 9 every year. He told me many things. My step Dad would go positively sadistic after these visits because I truly believe that man could not stand to see me happy. I was very happy right around this time until my step dad just went over the line and for reasons still not clear to me (probably around age 10) I asked Ronnie not to visit me whether it be my birthday or any other day--it just confused me too much.

They used that against me to no end.

He'd call though. If I were to think about really hard and have phone records to mull over I am sure there is some sort of pattern. One call in particular stands out. I was in high school--probably a junior (which would make in 1985) on president's day asking if I needed anything and he said "oh I'd love to help you but what day is it? That's right, MY day."

He got me there.

He was like a spoiled 14 year old girl when it came to his rubbing his status in my face which is bizarre considering I was part of his family and not his direct competition.

I would like to think his heart was in the right place but it's not like I would really know--I mean how many people in my life were nothing but tin men, sorry, the tin man went on a quest to obtain a heart-the people in my life were happy being vapid evil money hungry power mongers.

I do know there were problems with his brain. Why else would he marry a Nazi?

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