Saturday, October 6, 2007

Department Stores Favored by Nazis

Bloomingdales is from what I can gather an upscale department store. I am unsure if I've ever been in one. If I am going to spend too much for something, I'd go to Nordstrom's as they actually have things in my size. I had a button down from there that lasted over 10 years and it was my favorite shirt. The staff is wonderful and I've never gotten the least bit of attitude from any staff person regardless of how I may have appeared. Truly a class act.

Ronnie and Nancy were close friends with the Bloomingdales. Apparently they have a tradition of spending New Year's Eve with each other. They have done this for years.

The Bloomingdales also lent the Reagans money to purchase their home in Bel Air after they left office, or so I heard.

The Bloomingdales got wind of Mrs. Reagan's past. I am quite certain they have used their power, money, and privilege to protect her. It got back to the Bloomindales of the Reagan's ridiculous crusade to keep me from getting access to my money and become anything. When confronted Nancy said "We have principles. We can't stand for his behavior" or words to the same effect. Mrs. Bloomingdale replied "You're an escaped Nazi!"

This apparently caused a rift in the friendship. They made up and Nancy apparently attended traditional New Year's Eve festivities in one of her dated dresses from the '80s. Mrs. Bloomingdale apparently opened up her closet prior to the next party and asked Nancy if she wanted to borrow something to wear. I guess when you're poor and famous it is hard to keep up appearances.

If any of you read this I think you should boycott Bloomingdales Department store. I don't know if they own it or derive any of their substantial income and means from the store, but it might tarnish their image if somehow their name could be brought into the spotlight as the Nazi sympathizers that they are, I would be a very happy man.

I find it odd that they would expend such resources to help their "friends" while their needy friends went about their crusade to ruin my life.

Thank you very much Mrs. Bloomingdale. I can't wait to return the favor.

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