Monday, September 20, 2010

Some People Appreciate Boats

Some People Appreciate Boats.

People of varied backgrounds like boats. Most people who own boats have above-average incomes and may or may not be "connected."

Boats have been used in the illegal drug trade.

Boats are expensive.

Boating can be hazardous.

Boats require a great deal of maintenance.

I once read that Arizona had the highest per capita boater registration in the country. Interestingly Arizona does not have even ONE natural lake on which to operate a boat of any size.

A yacht is any boat over 27 feet in length, excluding commercial and military vessels.

The Yacht building industry is usually the first to suffer from a recession. It is also one of the first to indicate an economy-wide boom.

Some people who appreciate boats place a high value on appearances.

Others may actually need boats and/or yachts.

I think every Nazi needs a yacht for he has a higher probability of needing to sail away from his newly-found country. Nazis are generally unpopular. Nazis with yachts probably even less so.

Most Nazis are now too old to operate yachts by themselves.

Some popular people appreciated and/or needed yachts.

I find boats to generally be cramped, damp, dark, and uninviting. And expensive.

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